Tall JJ Palmere, tall 180, small space? JJ don’t care. parking garage Threader on a crisp Columbus, Ohio night.

Words by Garrett Reynolds / Photos by Chris Marshall First published in DIG magazine issue 85, November 2011     Deadline is about doing something with my friends... Whether it’s just getting the crew together to chill or going on trips to try and film stuff. I feel like there’s something special about my friends. The name Deadline came about years ago, … [Read more...]


kevin kiraly macneil

Kevin Kiraly always shreds but this new edit for Macneil is out of hand! This is packed full of crazy stuff and Kevin seems to be able to pull tricks out of an uprail as easily as if it was a flyout jump. See more of Kiraly's signature Varsity frame from Macneil here. Seen on thecomeup.com … [Read more...]