Luc LeGrand In New York

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Animal's roving hippie Frenchman Luc LeGrand spent some time in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia a few months ago, and this is a nice glimpse into the time spent there. Cameos from multiple locals, including Ralph Sinisi doing his signature bump-to-thing over a picnic table. Priceless. … [Read more...]

2014 Animal Newark Street Jam Photos

Here is a little collection of photos from Brick City, a.k.a. Newark, New Jersey’s possibly first-ever street jam this past Friday night, as the Portuguese Festival was going down on Ferry Street in the Ironbound section. 5-0’s were in abundance at the first two spots- always expected at PSE&G but never usually an issue at the White Ledges (now painted brown). Once everyone … [Read more...]

Animal/ QBP Commercial

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Animal Bikes: QBP Commercial from Animal Bikes on Vimeo. Animal dropped a commercial in conjunction with announcing QBP Distro in the U.S. will be carrying their goods. All kinds of goodness in here, featuring clips from most of the team, like Tom White, Ralphy Ramos, Nigel Sylvester, Ben Lewis, Lino Gonzalez, Butcher, Steven Hamilton, Jeff Kocsis, Tyrone Williams, Ratkid, … [Read more...]