Elliot Van Orman – 2012 BMX Flow

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Elliot Van Orman put  together some highlights footage from a few BMX projects he shot and edited throughout 2012 in Michigan and Colorado. Featuring: Ted Van Orman, Jeremy Ball, Jared Ball, Nathan Fons, Pat Sabo, Ryan Tague, Danny Peirce, Joe Gargiulo, Aaron Sanstad, Cody Barger, Dustin Orem, KC Badger Lips, Jeff DeGryse, Brett McKown, Adam Baker, Kenny Skorupski, John Reed, … [Read more...]


Big Pimp'n (Fred Murray) sporting the DIG logo at Interbike.

As 2012 draws to a close, we'll be posting these 12XU photo galleries featuring a selection of 12 personal favourites from each month of the year, from each DIG photographer. First up we have Chicago's David Leep and his choice of photos - enjoy! … [Read more...]

Shadow – Year End 2012 Edit

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Shadow with a compilation of footage from 2012. Lots of heavy hitters in here: "From the good ol' US of A, to Germany, and from skateparks to the streets, the Shadow team killed it. Check out this compilation of our favorite clips from the year." Featuring: SIMONE BARRACO LAHSAAN KOBZA JOHNNY DEVLIN BEN HUCKE SETH KIMBROUGH DREW BEZANSON ALISTAIR WHITTON TREY … [Read more...]

Flybikes – 2013 Complete Bikes

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Flybikes have a sweet line up of completes for 2013; the Electron, Proton and Neutron. In true Flybikes fashion, these bikes follow the Flybikes ethos and look clean & minimal—no frills or unnecessary bits—just the essentials... kind of like the building blocks of matter (hence the name I'm guessing). Watch the videos below and if that's not enough to fill your gourd up with … [Read more...]