Words by Garrett Reynolds / Photos by Chris Marshall

First published in DIG magazine issue 85, November 2011



Deadline is about doing something with my friends… Whether it’s just getting the crew together to chill or going on trips to try and film stuff. I feel like there’s something special about my friends.

The name Deadline came about years ago, probably around 7 years now… When I first got into riding I started riding with this Kid Cory Asraf. Once we met we pretty much rode everyday and soon became good friends. He had a screen printer in his basement and was making all these shirts that said Last Brand on them with ridiculous quotes on them. I asked him what the deal was with the shirt and he told me he was doing his own clothing thing with some friends in his free time, and shortly after I rode for them. Then as we got older we kind of talked about doing something together. We went through some other names but once we found the name Deadline, it just stuck. I don’t remember exactly what year it was, but it was summer and I was going into 8th grade. Cory and my friend Dave were over and we were all talking about names and Deadline came up. We knew that was it.

Going on so many Deadline trips, it’s hard to pick out one that would be my favorite but in my eyes Barcelona was the best… It’s funny, most of my friends have never been overseas, some of them have never been on a plane, so just sending everyone out into the wild with me being like 19 and trying to organize a trip was total chaos. It was probably the least productive Deadline trip that we had due to some bad luck like Colin getting hurt and Marshall kinda getting us kicked out of the hotel we were staying in. Regardless of footage we got some good stuff and everyone had a blast. It was more like a vacation than a riding trip but an amazing trip for sure, and the first trip with all the crew.

I don’t like chaos, but when you look at our crew everyone always has different plans… Steve-O always wants to be in charge, he’s good at getting everyone to meet up but you know when you have a crew that big it’s hard to get everyone to meet up at a certain time.

On the Deadline Miami trip when we got the gun pulled on the whole crew, I couldn’t believe it… honestly. I mean Miami has been getting hit hard now for some time, you’d think they would know how to tell you to leave. This is basically what happened: JJ was trying to do this trick, he was real close and everyone was trying to see him get the clip. The security guard came out and told JJ he had to leave and JJ didn’t even give him the time of day, and without hesitation he tried it again. The security guard was getting closer to us… I think he saw how deep we were rolling and how we were all older, and got scared and grabbed for his gun. When he was holding it at us his hand was shaking, it was so sketchy. Chris Marshall on the other hand was walking towards him talking sketchy shit.


 - South Virginia Super Trooper

I think our run-ins with near death experiences are just a simple case of showing how dangerous the world we live in is… Having all of us together makes for more havoc but the situation we’ve been in, none of them were technically our fault… more like wrong place, wrong time. That’s why you gotta live life to the fullest because you never know when it will be taken from you.

The super trooper in West Virginia… Ok, so first off I had to get the van under Marshall’s name due to me being under 25. So the day we were leaving it took a long time to get everyone together, like always, so we knew we would be traveling through the night. We were on our way to pick up Ty Morrow and Ryan Fudger for the trip. Half way through West Virginia and everyone was chain smoking in the van I’m driving and we can barely see with like six people smoking cigs in the van. So eventually someone threw a cigarette butt out the window and apparently landed on an undercover cop’s window. So we get pulled over and I’m kinda tripping on the fact that I’m not supposed to be driving. The cop doesn’t even come to my window, he just opens up the side door of the van and says “Where the weed at boys?” Someone in the back replyed with, “We’re only smoking cigs in here.” Cop – “How about the guns? Where the guns at?” I said we didn’t have any weapons. So he looking kinda confused but wanting to get us for something, he asks us who we are. I started to say everyone’s names because I thought he would run all our info from the way he was being so aggressive, but he replied with, “No, like who are you boys? Are you a band?” I started to explain what was going on, how we were a BMX team trying to get down south to escape the cold and just ride bikes. Eventually he let us off with a warning and left with a, “Boys this is the south. Let’s keep this motherfucker clean.” He spits some dip on the car, looks at all of us, then leaves us to get back to the drive. That was our encounter with the super trooper – crazy night to say the least.

Put eight crazy people together in a small van… and we might as well have escaped from a mental institution. They’re all as crazy as the next in their own way… don’t let ‘em tell you any different.

Moving out West was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make… I miss the crew man, it’s so hard… it’s like splitting up a family or something. I always miss home and family but I keep in contact with everyone, usually over random phone calls and I try to go out there as much as possible. I’m always trying to get them to come out here to hang out and try to wrap this video up.

I don’t really have a preference to the West coast or East coast…. Spot wise they’re totally different places. Cali has all the perfect rail setups and all that, and the East coast has the unique set ups, but I just like riding in general. Put me on either coast and I’m going to ride with my friends. It just sucks because when I’m on the West coast, I miss my East coast friends, but it’s the same when I’m on the East coast.

Sadly, Fiend has consumed a lot of my time… that was my main focus. This is starting to flow smoother now so I plan on starting to work on Deadline more. I feel bad for the kids that want stuff… I’ve been slacking, but even worse, I feel bad for the team for putting in a lot of effort and barely having anything to rep.

The video? Yeah, about that… No seriously, I’m trying my best to get this thing done. Just a couple of people are coming up short on footy right now and I want it to be something that we can all be proud of. I mean that’s why I wanted to do a video anyway, that and I felt that my friends didn’t get to travel like I did, so I wanted them to have a reason to travel. We’re close to putting this thing out.

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