I don’t know if you youngins know who Spike Jonze even is anymore, so let me elaborate: Spike Jonze is the director of such films as ‘Being John Malkovich,’ ‘Adaptation,’ some Bjork videos, a Weezer video and most of the Beastie Boys videos too. He was a producer and writer on the ‘Jackass’ series, along with executive producer for the first ‘Jackass’ movie and the Girl Skateboards vid, ‘Yeah Right.’

He also got his start in BMX, shooting photos and writing for Freestylin’ and Go:The Rider’s Manual before moving on from BMX. A few years ago, in an attempt to reconnect Spike Jonze to the BMX scene (at least I’m assuming anyways), ‘Spike Jonze was a BMXer’ stickers anonymously started popping up all over the place. Mainly, they were on the walls of Backyard Jams and such, but just a few days ago, a Spike sticker, along with a note from Mark Lewman (editor of Go:The Rider’s Manual/co-author of Mat Hoffman’s ‘Ride of My Life’) showed up on the Crailtap Web site, and it only seems appropriate that we highlight it here.

Here’s the link in case you were doubting the validity: