Texas Toast Photo Gallery 2: Dirt

Photos by Andrew White

Texas Toast is a wrap. Undeniably the best gathering of BMXers in the world, one would be hard pressed to find somebody who didn’t thoroughly enjoy him/herself. Late nights every evening with old and new friends on top of full days of riding. People crashing wherever possible – back yards, hotels, friends’ floors, cars, skateparks. Three back to back to back parties: Bell helmet auction, Markit premiere, and Nora. And all this on top of being located in one of the greatest cities in the country (and thankfully one where the bars close at 2). I can’t wait for next year. Mark your calendars for next year, it’s worth the trip. Check out our video of the event to see more coverage.

And here’s DIG’s official review of Markit after watching it at the premiere then about seven times at the apartment: it is REALLY REALLY GOOD. I suggest taking a standard elastic headband and place it over the front of the face so that it loops from the top of the head to under the chin. This will aid with mouth strain while your jaw tries to python out of its socket and drop to the floor. But knowing our BMX audience, using standard frame decal stickers (though not necessarily Standard frame decal stickers) will accomplish the same objective. – Andrew White

Texas Toast Photo Gallery 2: Street and Gauntlet of Death