Terrible One Barcode eBay Auction To Help Danny Hickerson


Place a bid on this dialed Terrible One Bar Code and help a dialed dude; Danny Hickerson. Find out the details below:

The story of this Barcode is so very inspirational and an example of true kindness. Glenn Thomas had built himself his dream bike. He spent a good while collecting everything to make this bike exactly what he wanted personally. When he heard about Danny Hickerson’s accident, he wanted to help. So he contacted me with a most gracious offer. He wanted to send us his prize bike for us to auction off, and put the money collected from it towards Danny’s lingering doctor bills. Yeah, truly amazing! It took us a little to have this all come together, but the day is finally here. I hope y’all dig this amazing build and know that you will be bidding for the best of causes. Glenn, we can’t thank you enough! Cheers!
- Joe

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