Name: Edwin De La Rosa
Sponsors: Skavenger, Animal Bikes, Red Bull, Dc Shoes, Dan’s Comp, Front St and Dah Shop

Age: 28

Height: 5″11

Frame: Skavenger Bridge
Fork: Skavenger

Bars: Skavenger
Grips: Animal
Stem: Animal Jump Off Remix
Seat: Animal Nigel
Seat Post: Animal Wedge

Cranks: Animal Akimbo
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa
Pedals: Animal Steven Hamilton PC
Chain: Shadow
Wheels: Animal Javelin hubs with Animal RS rims

Pegs: Animal Butcher
Tire: Animal GLH
Front Tire: Animal TWW

Weight of bike: 24 pounds

Describe your personal bike setup:

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag.
Animal Kotulak tool. Has everything you need.

What part do you wear through the quickest?

What part do you break most often?
Chains, I think.

Do you patch flat tires or get new tubes?

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them?
The homies.

Who builds your wheels? Anything special about them?
Tyrone Williams has been fixing/building my bikes since we were kids. For real. Love that dude, love Dah shop too.

Cassette or free-coaster?
Cassette all day. I tried the free-coaster thing, but it’s not for me. Had it on for one day.

Left side drive or right side drive?

Kevlar bead or regular bead:
Doesn’t matter to me.

Plastic pedals or metal?
Plastic, because they hurt less when they’re smashing your shins.

Photos by Rob Dolecki