Name: David Orion Thompson
Sponsors: Verde, Ipath, 50/50 BMX, and myself
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 11”

Frame: Verde Cartel 2
Fork: Verde Cartel
Bars: S&M
Grips: ODI
Bar ends: ?
Stem: Fit
Seat: Verde leather pivotal
Seat Post: Seasons
Clamp: integrated
Cranks: Solid
Sprocket: Odyssey Throwback
Pedals: Plastic odd
Chain: Shadow
Front & Rear Wheel: Shadow hubs, Alienation hoops
Pegs: Solid
Rear Tire: Duo Stunner
Front Tire: Fit mikey sig
Weight of bike: 24 lbs


Describe your personal bike setup:
Set to my figure.

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag:
Exactly what I need in a nutshell.

What part do you wear through the quickest?

What part do you break most often?

Do you patch flat tires or get new tubes?
Depends on the day.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?
Bars as of late.

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them?
Friends, my van, or the trash.

Who builds your wheels? Anything special about them?
Usually I do, but Danny at 50/50 built these. Yeah, the 6 sided nips.

Cassette or freecoaster?
Cassette; I like to pedal backwards.

Left side drive or right side drive?
Right side.

Kevlar bead or regular bead tires?
Kevlar; easier to travel with and lighter is a plus.

Plastic pedals or metal?
Plastic. I don’t want to spend 60 bucks for a nice pair of pedals, 15 bucks is just so appealing.

Photos by Rob Dolecki