The first jam in a few years to be held at New York City’s first skatepark, Mullaly Skatepark in The Bronx, went down on Saturday. Enos Columbo of the revived BASE Brooklyn clothing company saw that the Mullaly ramps had seen better days, and wanted to help breathe some life back into the park that has been holding it down across the street from Yankee Stadium since 1988. With support from local area companies and shops Animal,, Group Home Bikes, Post Bike Shop, Dah Shop and Bike Doctor, Enos threw the Get It Together jam.  A few new ramp additions were built before the jam, and the turnout was even better than imagined.  The new generation of  Mullaly locals were killing it all day long, and all the older riders who made it out had a blast cruising around as the 4 train periodically rolled through above.  Young and old, I think everyone had a big smile on their face from the moment they showed up to the time they went home.  Big thanks to Enos and BASE for putting on events like these that keep the NYC riding spirit going strong, and helping an iconic spot to continue to thrive.  -RD

Photos by Rob Dolecki

Unknown, table with the 4 Train tracks above.
Ralphy Ramos, Jerry Deleon, Vinnie Sammon, and Chris Johnsson keeping cool under the Animal tent.
Steven Hamilton.
Russ Barone, table.
Austin Paun, non-stop trains over the box.
Ryan Chikaraishi, AKA Yoda, following Austin's train all day long.
Unknown Bronx local.
Rob Mic's boy from Long Island.
One of the new generation of Mullaly locals killing it; Alberto Ramos.
Iron Mike Moreno, OG Long Island legend.
Hoder's knee.
Troy from Post Bikes in Brooklyn.
Unknown, 3 whip over the smaller spine.
Another Mullaly local who shreds.
Yoda, enjoying the new box setup.
John Lynn.
Unknown, turndown.
Another OG in the house, Tyrone Means. He's been riding Mullaly since day one.
Garret Hoogerhyde.
Dan Depre, fakie invert.
Pablo Nunez. He's the Littleman of Mullaly's new generation of riders.
Pablo, 3 whip fakie.
ATown Trash dude, flair. He won Best Trick over the box with a truck-driver to crank flip.
All the OG Mullaly locals in attendance.