REPO: 2013 Duarte Day Jam Photo Gallery

2013 Duarte Day Jam Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

If you caught Ralphy Ramos’ Engage interview in issue 88, you already know the story of how he grew up in the Dominican Republic before moving to New York City with his mom in 2001. Over the past few years Ralphy has taken a winter hiatus from the cold of NY to visit with his family in Santo Domingo (see issue 82 for an article on one of those trips), as well as invite friends along to enjoy the beaches and all the spots DR has to offer. The riding scene has been growing steadily during that time, and this winter, Ralphy decided do something for the DR scene by throwing a jam during the Duarte Day national holiday this past weekend at the infamous yellow rail spot (that’s now painted bright green). The jam had a good turnout, attracting riders from neighboring cities to come together and ride, despite the threat of rain (at one point, towards the end of the jam, it actually did turn into a downpour). Shout out to Animal, Skavenger, BASE, Dovente, 718 Video, and Dah Shop for hooking up product, and to Ralphy for making this jam happen. -RD

Photos by Rob Dolecki