Rapid Response: Sean Sexton

sean sexton uk by ricky adam
Photo by Ricky Adam


NAME: Sean Sexton
AGE: 27
SPONSORS/HELP: Kink, Empire, Vans, Fox, Cinema, Odyssey, and Rockstar Energy.

1. What is your very first memory of BMX?
Watching my brother and my uncle ride my uncles powerlite racebike around my neighborhood. I wanted to ride it so bad, my parents eventually got me my own.

2. What riders inspired you in the beginning?
Mike Aitken, Joey Garcia, Joe Rich, Taj, Rueben, Josh Stricker, Marvin Loetterle, Shaun Butler, Lucas Porzio, Punjab, Dave Mirra, Edwin Delarosa, Brian Wizmerski, Chris Doyle… I could go on forever.

3. Top 10 riders off all time, regardless of discipline?
Mike Aitken, Garrett Reynolds, Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Mat Hoffman, Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, Eddie Cleaveland, Jason Enns, and Chase Hawk.

4. Who do you ride with?
Chase Hawk, Tommy Dugan, Mathew Houck, Jay Roe, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Ross, and all of my homies that come through Austin on riding trips.

5. For some riders their bikes mean freedom to them, what does it mean to you?
That, and just a way to express yourself and be active. Its helped me travel the world, and support myself, so I cherish my bike.

6. Favourite spot to ride?
Barcelona, Spain.

7. What’s been your most memorable BMX experience?
Winning the XGames in Mexico City, then getting alcohol poisoning later that night. Trippy.

8. Favourite trick of all time is… A cranked turndown.

9. TOP 5 bike vids?
Square One “Wide awake nightmare”, Animal “Can i eat?”, Props Roadfools 5, Resist, Left/Right.

10. What else other than BMX gets you really pumped to ride?
Skateboarding, and a nice strong cup of coffee.


Photo by Walter Pieringer

11. The best advice you’ve ever received was?
Keep calm, and party on.

12. The last book you read was?
Hells Angel by Sonny Barger.

13. You’d like to know more about…
Film. Like creating movies, or making a legit sketch comedy show. I love that stuff.

14. How was it filming your part for the KINK DVD Squash It! How long did you guys film for? And how did you come up with the name?
It was really fun. I got hurt towards the end of filming so I wanted to get a bit more out of my part, and do a handful of things that I had been waiting to do but these things happen and I’m super happy with what Darryl did with it. We filmed for a little over a year I believe, and the name came from a few things, and its a long story. Its basically about squashing beef, haha.

15. Do you have some “behind the scenes” stories from filming Empire Bad Idea? Do you remember one in particular?
I think so. There is one where I get in this guy’s face, but he threatened me when I was being really cool about the situation so I just snapped, and jumped up this ledge/railing thing and put my nose on the lens of his glasses haha. It was all greasy from my nose after, it was funny.

16. How are things going at KINK and ODSY right now, do you have any new signature parts in the works for any of your sponsors anytime soon?
Things are amazing, as always. At kink I have my frame and seat, and with ODSY I have a signature stem out right now called the SXTN. I’m really happy with all of my signature products with all the companies I ride for.

17. Designing a signature part holds a bit of prestige. How did the opportunity to have a signature frame arise?
Just years of being with the companies I’ve been with. These things come up after time, ha.

18. Early this year you’re have been in Bogota, Colombia for a few days, hanging with the local crew and meeting some new people and spots, and shortly after you’re on board Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom of the Seas” and enjoyed all it had to offer. In between swimming, partying, and other things on board, did you managed to ride some good spots like the ones in Bogota?
Well, the spots weren’t good on any of those trips really, but we just wanted to go places that no one has ever been to on a BMX trip and just ride. Plain and simple, and keep it organic and just see what happens. Luckily we found some decent stuff and had a blast.

19. When you first started riding did you ever imagine going all over to such different countries and cultures like this? No way. I just wanted to hang out with my friends and ride. I actually wanted to be a pro motocross racer when I was young so I just wanted to do everything Jeremy McGrath was doing ha.

20. If you could only ride one spot for a year, where would it be and why?
Macba in Barcelona. It’s a cool spot, but the people watching is insane. And you can just chill and do whatever with the locals that are super cool.

21. How do you feel about contests like the X games street? Dew Tour street? Where do you hope they go?
I think they’re awesome, and I feel honored to be involved and to be invited to those contests. To be able to ride with those guys, and travel to the contests and party is really cool. I just hope they become more popular so we can do them more often.

22. You recently made the move to Austin, TX. Why move to Austin? So what does Austin have to offer that Phoenix doesn’t?
I just really like it here, and Arizona will always be there for me. I just want to take advantage of the now and have a good time, and Austin does that for me. BMX, good food, good party’s, swimming spots, it’s got everything I like.

Nuno Oliveira – Defgrip and ODSY
23. Give us a 5 word review of Snoop Dogg’s REINCARNATED documentary.
Two thumbs up, instant classic. Hahah, pure comedy.

24. What was the last piece of music you bought or acquired?
Gang Starr “Moment of truth” I just bought a car that had a CD player only in it, so until I got a new deck with an AUX/Bluetooth I figured I’d go cop a cd to listen to. I got bored while I was looking for one, haha, so I was like I’m just going to buy the next good cd I see and bounce, then boom I saw that and got it. A true classic.

25. What is your go-to meal in Austin when you want to spoil yourself?
Roasted Chicken dinner from 24 diner. So good.

Jay Roe – Team Manager – Kink Bike Co.
26. The Kink team is starting to slowly move in on Austin. You’ve been there for a bit, how do you like having the rest of the guys around?
It’s awesome, because I actually end up missing these guys when trips are over, so it’s cool to have the dudes around to ride with and just chill. Plus I always have someone to give me a ride/pick me up from the airport haha.

27. Whether people realize it or not, you are constantly traveling either to contests or to film. What kind of ground have you covered already in just 2013?
Umm, well so far this year I’ve been to spain, colombia, cuba, grand cayman islands (three times), jamaica, haiti, mexico, Arizona, and maryland. ha, its a trip sometimes because I don’t even realize it but I do travel a lot. Its rad.

28. What riders out there right now keep you motivated and inspired to keep pushing your own riding?
There are really too many to list but off the top id say dennis enarson, chad kerley, simone barraco, david grant, kriss kyle, aaron smith, ty morrow, garrett, all those guys rip and they motivate me to ride and do new things.

Walter Pieringer
29. How’s the BMW treating you? Pssh, you already know.. haha.

30. What’s the best thing about riding for Kink?
Family. Those guys are my brothers, and its hard to find a group of dudes that can travel together and get along the whole time so I think its rad what we have.

31. How does the Texas heat compare to the Arizona heat?
Its just humd and texas, and dry in arizona really They are both hot as fuck though, haha.

32. Did you ever in a million years think you’d end up with a Dew Tour medal?
I didn’t really get a medal, haha just some money. It was just a rail jam, and not a real deal televised dew tour event, but its still really cool to have gotten second at a dew tour event though. I’m happy.

33. Last words…
Huge thanks to all of my sponsors for helping me out, and keeping the dream alive! DITCHSET

Interview by Paulo Martins, Walter Pieringer, Jay Roe and Nuno Oliveira