Profile Keeping It Local

Profile put together this diagram of the U.S. and local companies used in the manufacturing of Profile components; pretty interesting stuff. From Matt Coplon:

“When you think of how much product we produce (everything is done, initially, in-house), promotions, logistics, web management, team management, sales, etc…on top of having to physically assemble every component that goes out of here, the total number of people handling things is minimal.
Beyond what we do here, we rely on a pretty large amount of outside vendors to finish our product: Anodizing (aluminum components), black-oxiding (steel parts), painting (cranks and white components), etc…
“With that in mind, the vendors listed below are all in the state of Florida (with the exception of one chromer who is out of state). Considering Profile keeps everything local (and within the US), we actually contribute to the employment of multiple companies.

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