Trail Knowledge With Robbo


For those who have never been to a set of trails or don’t have their own spot. What advice would you give to them? I would say the biggest thing is being cool. Ask the locals if you can do anything to help, maybe fill a few watering cans, fill a few wheel barrows, help water the jumps  or even collect fire woods for the BBQ. A lot of things are just simple things, that actually … [Read more...]

FBM’s 21st Birthday Party


Looks like the hessians at FBM are throwing a 21st birfdaaaaaay party. I like to party... but I also like sad songs. Anyway, this will probably be a good time and I'm guessing someone will get shot in the back of the neck with a roman candle & plenty of good times will be had. … [Read more...]

Merritt Pedal Giveaway


The good people at Merritt are giving you the chance to win a set of their new P1 pedals - Follow @merrittbmx on Instagram, repost the photo, tag it with #MerrittP1 and then keep your fingers crossed. … [Read more...]