eBay Auction To Help Terrible One’s Danny Hickerson


Want to help Danny Hickerson and buy a one-of-a-kind pair of Terrible One pegs? Head on over to this eBay page, place a bid and help Danny Hickerson pay some of his medical bills that occured from his back injury last year.

We are auctioning this one-of-a-kind pair off on eBay, and all the money will go towards Danny Hickerson’s medical bills. Even though he had medical insurance, he was still left with a lot of bills after his back injury last year.
Please note: these have been used! They were ridden for a little bit and there’s grind marks over a lot of the sleeves and tips, but since it’s for a good cause and since these are the only pair of ti T-1 pegs that exist, we thought it’d be worth trying to raise some money for Danny by auctioning them off. This will mark the first of a few auctions we will be doing for him.


Ti Terrible One Pegs
titanium sleeve pressed over aluminium body
3/8″ / 14mm combo
1.5″ x 4

- Terrible One