On the Cover – David Grant
The tallest torso in Muncie, Indiana stepped up to the plate in grimy Glasgow, UK and slid this beast first try. David Grant – one and done.

Photo by Fred Murray


014 BALLBAG: One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s bike rider.

026 COLLATERAL DAMAGE: John Paul Rogers vs Tom Williams.

028 MEET YOUR MAKER: Find out more about the man behind BSD, and his thoughts on the cookie-cutter companies out there. He might even tell us what BSD stands for…

032 THE STEVEN HAMILTON INTERVIEW: “It’s been a rough year.” We dig deep into the brain of one of the most controversial and talked about bike riders there has ever been…

048 THE DAVID GRANT INTERVIEW: “Being a pro is kind of like being on welfare…” – Big friendly giant, David Grant gets shouted at by a room full of teammates and friends, and explains his hatred for soap, gluten, and feet…

064 THE ROB WISE INTERVIEW: Ever wondered where Rob Wise got his pop from? Turns out he’s been doing some popping of a different kind…

072 FREQUENT FLYERS: Andrew White interrogates Fly Bikes’ Stefan Lantschner, Joseph Frans, Shane Weston, Devon Smillie, and Kevin Porter.

100 CHASE DEHART – Let ‘em talk: We try, and fail, to catch up with the owner of arguably the world’s swaggiest hop whips…

086 PRODUCTIVITY: Shane Weston’s setup.

114 FULL BLEED – MIKE HODER: Puppy love with a master blaster.

122 TOM DUGAN – 1000 WORDS: A 14 year old boy, trapped in a 14 year old’s body?

128 THE SECRET INTERVIEWER: In the first few months of 2005, I was a king within the BMX world.”

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- Timelapse: Steven Hamilton edit

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