Rapid Response: Clint Reynolds

clintbw_no photo credit
Photo by Travis Kincaid.


Interview by Paulo Martins
Additional questions by Dean Dickinson and Sean Burns


NAME: Clint Reynolds
AGE: 28
SPONSORS/HELP: S&M, TREE, Credence, Eastern Boarder, etnies.


1. What is your very first memory of BMX?
Bombing hills with the old man.

2. What riders have inspired you in the beginning?
M.O.D squad, S&M, and the FBM dudes.

3. Top 10 riders off all time, regardless of discipline?
Yeagle, Nutter, Matty A, Derrick Girrard, Aitken, Chase, J Bone (shaman), Gilly, Falcon, Little Robbo.

4. Who are the people you ride with?
East Side crew.

Whip_pic by Caleb Davison
Photo by Caleb Davison


5. For some riders their bikes mean freedom to them, what does it mean to you?
Adventure, transportation, fun.

6. Favourite spot to ride?
PA woods.

7. What’s been your most memorable BMX experience?
Probably the first road trip with all my homies in a 1985 Toyota Tercel station wagon. We broke down, camped in some weird spots, rode some bikes, and I was hooked.

8. Favourite trick is…

9. TOP 5 bike vids?
Thunder, Anthem, Seek & Destroy, Criminal Mischief, Blackout.

10. What else other than BMX gets you really pumped to ride?

11. The best advice you’ve ever received was?

12. The last book you read was?
The Wilderness World of John Muir.

13. You’d like to know more about…
Taming curls.

14. How did you get into welding and making your own frames?
Working for the old man in the garage laying beads and making bikes.

One footedX_pic by Matty Aquizap
One footed x-up. Photo by Matty Aquizap.



15. What’s the craziest thing outside BMX that someone asked you to weld?
This old missile shell on the roof of a huge bus to use as a vegetable oil tank.

&16. How are things going at S&M / Credence right now, do you have any new signature parts in the works anytime soon? What’s the best thing about riding for Credence?
It’s sick. We just came out with this new turtleneck stem thats badass, inspired by the OG challenger.

17. What does the word “Credence” mean?
The belief that something is true.

18. Stencil or Sticker?

19. Early this year you’ve been in MEXICO, for the Red Bull Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara, what kind of ground have you covered already in just 2013? Going on all those trips, with friends, how did that/they influence you?
Mexico is nuts.

20. When you first started riding did you ever imagine going over to such different countries and cultures like this?
No not really.

21. If you could only ride one spot for a year, where would it be and why?
The woods. The feeling of roasting through the woods never gets old.

22. How’s the Mercedes Van working? How hard it’s to find “food to feed” it? 
The veggie van is turn key. Oil is a little harder to find but still very abundant.

wallpaper photo issue clint reynolds 1920 x 1200.indd
Clint Reynolds DIG wallpaper. Go here to download the full size.



Dean Dickinson 
23. Who makes the best chili dogs and why?
Mrs Dickinson, I’ve heard many stories of her chilli dogs.

24. What was the highlight for you at Texas Toast 2013? Digging? Riding? Credence Cow Bell High Air Comp?
Probably riding and Matty pulling the win in the cow bell height challenge.

25. Why is the 98 VHS Classic “Thunder” so badass?
Classic hits and badass riding.

Sean Burns
26. New England autumn and Austin winter, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
NE Autumn is beautiful and the temps are dialed, but you know whats waiting around the corner, a long cold winter. Austin winter is awesome, usually its the rainy season and its time to redial the woods.

27. Given the gadget genius that you are, if you found a lawn mower motor and a dildo in Stew Johnsons yard how would you assemble it into a vibrator?

28. If you woke up tomorrow and your brain was inside Jim Nutters body and Jim Nutters brain was in your girlfriends body and your girl friends brain was in your body… Would you and Jim Nutters body be gay or would you be in love with yourself or in love with your Jim Nutter brain but girlfriend’s body? 
I just dry heaved a little!

29. Last words…
Thanks to all the dudes in the woods!