We met Slayer Tom out in Frankfurt, Germany when we were shooting Bruno Hoffmann’s interview and you couldn’t ask to meet a friendlier or more accommodating host. Check some photos and find out more about the ginger shredder/Scouse accent genius/all round happy dude here. -FM

Name: Tom Schorb-Mergetnhaler or just slayer

Age: 19
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Sponsors: Subrosa, Unity Distribution, The Con, BMX FFM/Team Haze

What are you doing today?
Chillin’ at home with mah sweet baby gyal, got some free days from work, so it’s basically riding, chilling, or getting shit done that I wanted to do for ages.

What’s in your pockets?
Skins, sensi, lights, my key, my mobile.

Favourite number?
The number of the beast.

How long have you been riding?
Pretty much ten years now.

If you had one song that played on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Modeseletor – Let your love grow

Describe yourself:

Favourite colour? Red.

Biggest regret?
Crashing in Belgium and not being able to ride with Sean Burns and Ty Morrow.

What do you do for a living?
Working in a botanical garden until September.

Best food spot in Frankfurt?
Place called Burger Baby, shit is da BOOOOMB.

Favourite grind?
No footed 5050.

You have an incredible Scouse (Liverpool, UK) accent for a German. How did that come about?
Haha, dunno lad. Watched some British films in school and then Bruno (Hoffmann) and I thought it would be sound to talk like that all day long… then we visited the DUB flat for a week and were finally infected FTM!!!

My parents and family, Christoph at Unity distribution and Ryan Sher, the Con mastah Tobias Paul, and team haze manager Merlin and his coach assistant Daniel Pawel Kuska.

Photos by Merlin Czarnulla