Ryan Beamish, often known as “The Noid” in the old west town of Tucson, Arizona, has been riding since the early 90s. He rode his first bike at the age of three and had a short stint in racing, but quickly found street riding early – he hit his first handrail at the age of 12. Ryan is one of those guys that can be easily persuaded into trying scary shit. All you have to do is tell him you found a perfect rail and the next thing you know he’s pulled every grind move possible. He can also ninja roll out of every wreck and then has the ability to laugh it off like it was nothing. To put it bluntly, Ryan’s not scared of anything.

Ryan’s fearless attitude comes from his experience as a sergeant in the US Marines. He first enlisted in August 2005 and served till September 2009. During his time as a US Marine, Ryan deployed to Iraq working with heavy trucks and Humvee’s, although he didn’t see direct combat, he faced plenty of hardship losing two friends and fellow Marines.

“I wear a hero bracelet on my left wrist, and I’ve got the boots, helmet, and rifle memorial tattooed on my right forearm.”

At 26, Ryan decided to re-enlist as a reserve last November and he volunteered to go on another deployment, this time to Afghanistan. In October he begins training for his second trip overseas serving his country, he said, “I’ve seen Iraq – might as well get one more rush and make some coin.”

The Noid currently works at Broadway Bikes on the east side of Tucson, it was one of the first shops in town to carry BMX and it has been a longtime sponsor of numerous riders in the area. Before Ryan deploys again he’s finishing his section for the new Krimzen video that is coming out in the Fall.

On a recent trip north to the Phoenix area, Ryan managed to clock a bunch of banger clips and some amazing photos shot by Dig’s Rob Dolecki. If you’re ever in Arizona and have the chance to ride with Ryan, give him a thanks for his service and then dare him to hit a handrail. - Mike Hines

Photo by Rob Dolecki