Darryl Nau and Catfish were on the mics this weekend.

Simple Session 12 is over and it was so awesome. The guys behind Simple Session definitely stepped it up again this year. Take a really fun city, combine that with an excellent course (designed by Nate Wessel), and a massive list of the world’s best riders, and you have a crazy concoction for a contest. In the end Drew Bezanson dominated taking home a third successive Simple Session win. Well done Drew! Here’s some photos from today along with a couple of sequences, but look out for more in DIG 88, along with an edit from the whole weekend. Thanks Tallinn, see you next year!

Pro Final results:

1 Drew Bezanson CAN
2 Brett Banasiewicz USA
3 Harry Main GBR
4 Daniel Sandoval USA
5 Pat Casey USA
6 Michael Beran CZE
7 Bruno Hoffman GER
8 Alex Kennedy GBR
9 Kevin Peraza MEX
10 Josh Harrington USA
11 Jack Clark GBR
12 Chad Kerley USA
13 Simone Barraco ITA
14 Maxime Charveron FRA
15 Dan Foley 21
16 Aj Anaya USA
17 Sebastian Keep GBR
18 Rob Armour USA
19 Sean Ricany USA
20 Sergio Layos ESP
21 Daniel Tünte GER
22 Paul Ryan GBR
23 Gary Young USA
24 Ben Hennon GBR


Alex Kennedy.


Gabe Brooks 49″ hop angle 1.


Gabe Brooks 49″ hop angle 2.




Dan Foley makes everything look good, especially 270 toboggans.


Pat Casey – front flip flair.


Josh Harrington doing what he does best.


A close shave for Aaron Ross.


The Sister Session’s winner, Camila Harambour.


Josh Harrington went down hard dislocating his knee.


Harry Main celebration 1.


Harry Main celebration 2.


Harry Main celebration 3.



Darryl Nau jumped in on the high hop action.



Sister Session top 3.


Photos by Ricky Adam and Fred Murray