Red Bull just released the course design and layout for the Empire Of Dirt contest at Alexandra Palace in London on the 19/20th May. The course design is looking insanely good and brings something really fresh to the table. You can also check some stats about the build here too. Here’s what Red Bull had to say:

“This years Empire course is definitely going to be different from 2008. From the get go we start on real steps, cross a real road & down real rails. From this we go into a big catty woods influenced step down leading into a right hand 270 berm.

The first split section slows the riding down a bit, choice of rails on the right & more traditional trail hip jumps through the trees. The mellower gradient at this point should allow for some nice tricks & consistency will be important to get through smoothly.

We then see a similar elevated quarter pipe to 2008, straight into the big curved wall synonymous with Red Bull Empire of dirt. Then the course picks up pace towards the end.

A huge flat bank spine, should really push the riders as on the approach it will look as if you are literally going to land in London!

The last straight again splits, on the left a mega ramp gap to grind. Then on the right a Robbie Madison step up to vertical roll in. This will really test nerves & skill as no one will have ever ridden anything like this. If you get to the finish It all ends with an oversize trick booter.” - Red Bull