Photo by Dean Dickinson


NAME: Sean Burns
AGE: 28
SPONSORS/HELP: Bone Deth, Osiris shoes, Eclat, Armourdillo, Lip-Service

1. What is your very first memory of BMX?
Some older kid in my neighbourhood bunnyhopping onto a tree log. Kevin Burgess?

2. How did you feel when you got your first bike? Do you have the same feelings now when you set up a new bike?
The first real bike I got was a chrome Diamondback viper in 1994. I don’t think I’ll ever get that same feeling again. I slightly did when i got my first pair of prototype chrome deadman bars..

3. What riders have inspired you?
Too many… and in too many different times…  Kris Bennett, Josh Stricker, Van Homan, Jimmy Levan, Sandy Carson, Joe Rich, Taj, Ryan Worcester, Dave Young, Bob Scerbo, Wiz, Mat Hoffman. Steven Hamilton. These days… Geoff Slattery, Dakota Roche, Brian Yeagle… all my Bone Deth mates.

4. Nowadays who are your favourite riders to watch?
Colt fake and Kert Petersel… Albie Bennett, all my Bone Deth dudes really… Crawford’s foot haha.

Really though these days i get more hyped watching old videos… and older video parts… like before 2005 back to early 90s. For some reason from 1990 to 2005 there was just some spark to BMX that it doesn’t quite have now. I think the fast race of progression and shock factor might have dulled it up a bit. but some riders like Alex Magallan still got it.

5. Who are the people you ride with? 
Ferbert, Crawford, Cullen, Lee Hopkins, Party Bot, thats my regular session these days.

6. If you hadn’t discovered BMX, what do you think you’d be doing now?
Possibly something total weirdo Tim and Eric style stuff… but probably not successful.

7. What state of mind enables you to progress your riding?
No stress. When I’m happy and focused, usually when I’m having a lot of sex I ride best.

8. When was the last time you tried something big/burly/scary? 
It’s been awhile since I really scared myself to the point of the fear of dying.. i guess the super scary stuff only happens on occasion.. i think the last time i was really actually scared was that roof drop that was an osiris ad.. the roof up top was slanted and it was high off the ground and i had no time, i had to get down cause cops were coming. and that was the best way down.

9. How would you describe your riding?
Some people would say careless huck style… but I’d like to see myself as more simple precision. I don’t really try things I know I can’t do, but I don’t like to do confusing riding that much, like so many tricks in one line… thats just not for me. Ryan Worcester said it best – simplicity earns.

10. Bone Deth? 
Bone Deth is and always was about keeping BMX with its roots… not getting too carried away with the new boy/smooth boy fashion. Yeah, we’re weirdos.. but not really. We’re just into shit BMX hasn’t been exposed to in the last 7 years. Little Devil/FBM and so on always did it… we’re just doing it more perverted and our own style.

Photo by Jamie Mauri

11. What about the idea of the resurrection of Bonedeth – Challenge Jams? Do you have anything in mind for the next event?
Yeah we really want to do another one but it’s tough. Those were such hard work and didn’t come out anywhere near what we wanted them to. We’re not going to do another unless it’s jam packed with retardation. Eventually we’ll do one. Maybe someone can donate a large amount of money to us to do it haha.

12. “Dead Bang” got the Nora Cup award for the “Best Video Part” in 2008. What does that mean to you? What are your best memories associated with filming for it?
Means a lot to me. And when it happened I almost felt like Navaz should have owned the Nora Cup since he was a huge part in making that part happen for me. From filming half of it, to editing it, and driving me around. Best memories might have been all the weirdos we saw those 2 years of filming. From living in Brockton, to Boston, and then filming in Cali… kook-a-rama. I found a blind girl in my stairwell screaming into a karaoke machine.

13. 45 tooth sprockets…?
I would still ride one if I could but frames are too small to handle them now.

14. What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you?
I was walking to the roadsnake when I dropped my food that I was holding and tripped over my own food… in the dark. I fell flat on my chest. I rolled over to get up and noticed the food (which consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich and some swedish fish) was stuck to my clothes. I kept walking to the roadsnake with the food stuck to me. It was a quarter moon that night so it was pretty dark and I couldn’t see much of anything. I don’t know why but I stopped and closed my eyes really hard and opened them to get that weird feeling where you open your eyes and you see even more black… I kept walking and I walked right into a friend’s car that was parked in the woods. I pulled a lighter out of my pocket and looked into one of the rearview mirrors and the food on my clothes had pine needles mashed into the food almost spelling “buns of steel”. I had a dejavoo memory of masturbating to the cover of a buns of steel workout video from when I was 10.  Later on that night I freaked out and ate a fire log and some kool aid jammers and proceeded to ragdoll myself down a cliff into some water where I then found the roadsnake. I smeared the remaining food and pine needles from my clothes all over my face whilst screaming “roadsnake” and “the snake has no buns” as well as “virgin steel steal my snakes”. I fingered some sand and later on woke up in my bed with cuts all over my face.

15. How/why do you attract so many weird people?

I just have kook magnetism…

16. Describe an average day for yourself?
Wake up early, drive my babe’in girlfriend to work, eat junkfood, do the Bone Deth thing on the computer if it’s a day to be done with Ferbert. Then go ride till dark.

17. What’s something the average BMX’er wouldn’t know about you?
I’ve never done acid, I’ve never done any hard drugs like cocaine etc. I barely drink alcohol. Sometimes I smoke weed but almost never now. I get a lot of kids asking me to do drugs with them. It’s weird.

18. Some of your family are police officers. What do they think of BMX?
They used to think it was a phase and I think my dad was embarrassed by it. They are really supportive of it now. And I thank them for putting up with me.

19. How would you describe BMX to someone who has never heard of it before?
Painful moments. But all the pleasure.

20. Do all those gaps kill your wrists? Is there a technique to landing flat on big gaps?
My wrists are fine, people are dumb. I think now that “to flat” is pretty popular I don’t get asked that question anymore. Yes there is a technique to landing flat just like there is a technique to doing barspins. Of course you’re gonna hurt your hands if you don’t catch them right, same goes for a gap.

21. Favourite spot to ride?
The spots I ride everyday are definitely not my favorite, all my favorites got torn out!

22. Why haven’t you gone brakeless like so many other riders?
Because I’ll die. I rode brakeless for 5 months in 2007 and I got hit by a few cars. I like being able to stop. I like a straight cable. I honestly don’t like the way a lot of bikes look brakeless.. it looked better when Gonz and Troy McMurray were the only ones brakeless.

23. The X question… What would you do if you found an X-Games Street invitation in your mail-box?  
I’d go again. why not? This time i’d bring my Subway t-shirt so I could get that lifetime supply of free sandwiches.

24. If a kid approaches you and asks “Are you Pro?” What do you say to them?

25. Is the music you’re into your main influence in terms of your “image”? And your way to life in general?
Music is my main influence these days in riding in general. Thats why I get so hyped to film video parts. I just think about what song im going to ride to the whole time and if it’s a killer song… force myself to film killer clips. Image… yeah too… Image wise… I guess so. I just like Rock n Roll.

26. How good is life?
Got my bike, got my babe, got no money, yeaaaah rock n roll maaaan!!!

27. The best advice you’ve ever received was?
“Your neighbor is a murderer with a prostitution problem. Move out immediately.”

28. I know that you ride street a lot (or for the most part), but you have some trails skills/background too, do you want to talk a bit about it?
I grew up riding trails… I don’t really ride them much anymore. I just don’t find the time to dig at a local spot or anything.

29. Surfin’ For The Ugly Broads came out 2 years now! Do you have some “behind the scenes” stories, do you remember one in particular?
Some that are too graphic for DIG.. but ..”DEEDS” the big fat chick choking party management (in a diaper)… she told us all about her sex dungeon jobs and orgies and sex parties. She was wild. but she could barely get in and out of her car.

30. What’s a Bone Deth trip like?
A Lot of cigarettes and a lot of staring at huge big stupid shit and saying “Fuck that, that’s too big”

31. TOP 5 bike vids?
Anthem home of the brave
Criminal mischief
Nowhere fast

32. You once said: “I always imagined things like the FBM ghetto comps. I suppose things have changed, and a lot of people have cleaned up, or cleaner people started riding bikes. “Fresh” is the key. If something isn’t fresh, it just isn’t cool.” (Note: In The BoneDeth Gypsy Trip article, featured in DIGBMX #79, Nov/Dec’10).Do you think that nowadays people are trying more to fit in rather than being true originals?
Yeah to an extent. Some riders do they’re own thing. Charlie Crumlish, Rich Forne, etc. Tired of the blog bantering. Everyone wants opinions too. How many views are there? What are the comments? Who cares? Back in the day you didn’t have that. You put something out there and it was a mystery if it was liked or not. Now people are scared to be different because they don’t wont to get bashed on The Come Up.

33. You’d like to know more about… 
This reoccurring dream I have where worm women are trying on lingerie in a womens dressing room. I’ve been having this dream every year since I was 6.

34. What would you like to achieve this year?

Get this Bone Deth DVD more on the roll… discover a new batch of bone babes for the next DVD as well…

35. What country would you most like to visit?
Anywhere in Scandanavia… Finland, Norway etc.

36. Where do you want your riding to go in the future?
Into the foam pit.

37. Last words… 
Stay gold. 1 million golden titty job christmas ornaments.

Interview by Paulo Martins