On the cover:
Kriss Kyle – Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo by Vincent Perraud

014 BALLBAG: Every fool loves a Pool. Rob Dolecki explains why…
016 IGNITION: Simple Session 2012. Worldwide. All day. Literally…

026 VIDEOSTORE: Bob Scerbo keeps it DIY with his new Skapegoat 6 DVD.
028 THIS MUCH I KNOW: Words of wisdom from the legend that is Dennis McCoy. How many 45 year olds do you know who can ride like this?

032 POOL HUNTING IN ARIZONA: Mike Hines plays tour guide to a heavy pool hungry crew in his home state of Arizona and hits up ten tiled gems in a week. Photos by Rob Dolecki.
042 MIKE MEISTER – POSITIVE FLOW: At least one of the kids is doing his own thing. Mike Meister keeps the energy levels up in this interview with Rob Dolecki and Matt Coplon.
050 AK & SIMONE – UNDERCOVER IN ISRAEL: Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco pair up to dodge the drama of Israel and film a new edit with temporary Tel Aviv resident Rich Forne. Ricky Adam tagged along in a gas mask to shoot the awesomeness. (Watch the teaser here!)
076 THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO: DIG’s Joey Cobbs connects with locals and outsiders alike on the streets of one of the most punk cities in the world. Featuring Andy Maguire, Mike Jonas, Kyle Emery Peck, Tim ‘Wolfman’ Harvey and more… Thank you SF. DIG loves you.
098 BSD – CHASING THE SUN WEST: The BSD crew head from Arizona to California chasing the sun and clips in the process. Video director Dave Sowerby lived to tell the tale.
108 LOST FOR WORDS – FAST AND LOOSE: Getting wild with Vin Crispino, Jay Wilson, Adam Johnston and more…
114 ENGAGE – RALPHY RAMOS: “Back then anytime you saw another rider you would always get hyped.”
120 ENGAGE – PETE SAWYER: “I find it impossible not to ride my bike.”

096 PRODUCTIVITY: Live, buy, ride, consume, die…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Thank you Darryl Nau. BMX needs you.

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BSD – ANY WHICH WAY DIG EXCLUSIVES – Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby

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