DIG 90 OVERSPILL – Legendary Products: Odyssey 41 Thermal Forks

In the latest DIG issue 90, Dave Paterson has a great article covering the story behind some of the legendary products of the modern era. Here’s the first of three that didn’t make it to print – Odyssey’s legendary 41 thermal forks.


Over the past decade Odyssey’s 41 Thermal forks have established a reputation for superior strength and quality. In 1997 the guys at Odyssey sat down with intentions of producing the strongest forks that they were capable of making, and after two years of meticulous testing and prototyping they hit the shops. The forks were the first product that Odyssey used their now world renowned 41 Thermal Heat Treating process on. Before this, nobody had really messed around with the idea of post weld heat-treating chromoly to make it more resilient against bending or breaking. After they finished the forks, Odyssey applied the same thinking to anything they made using welded 4130. They followed with handlebars, cranks, seatposts, and eventually working with Jim Cielencki on Sunday Frames, all using the same proven 41 Thermal process. Odyssey were so adamant that their forks were the strongest available, that they attached a full lifetime warranty to anything with the 41 Thermal logo.

13 years later the 41 Thermal Forks are still the only choice of fork for many pro riders. The design has progressed right along with the rest of Odyssey’s ever expanding product line up, but after constant testing and refinement, the principal of creating the strongest fork on the market remains the same. Odyssey are always testing and refining their forks. The latest versions still cater for a wide variety of riding styles, and are available in a traditional 32mm offset, a more street influenced 25mm offset and even a set with brake lugs.